Techniques & Protocols

Acupuncture — fine needles stimulate, balance and readjust the proper flow of Qi (energy); reestablishes health and harmony.

Tui Na — Chinese Medical/Therapeutic Massage. This is an acupressure energy release massage. It also incorporates realignment, decompression and myofascial mobilization techniques to relieve both acute and chronic pain, decreases tension and realigns the skeletal system.

Gua Sha — is a spooning massage technique that stimulates circulation of blood and lymph, strengthening the immune system and releasing harmful toxins through the skin.

Cupping — glass or plastic cups are suctioned onto the skin releasing stagnant blood and Qi, thereby alleviating pain and expelling harmful pathogens and toxins. This is especially useful in the beginning stages of contracting a cold or the flu.

Moxabustion — uses a traditional Chinese herb Ai Ye to warm and tonify an area or specific points, promoting circulation, strengthening the immune and Yang (heating) systems. This helps the body generate its own warmth.

Acutonics — is the use of sound vibration to restore health. It is a system of tuning forks that vibrate at specific frequencies. When we treat the body with vibration, we facilitate movement within the blood, nerve and energy channels, improving overall health. It also calms and stabilizes the emotions.

Phytobiophysics — uses the vibration of colour to restore health. A healthy cell resonates with all the colours of the rainbow, because it is mostly water. An unhealthy cell is deficient in one or more colour frequencies. Using the frequency of specific flower colours that resonate with the signature colour frequencies of the rainbow we can address these colour deficiencies.

Low Level Light Therapy — uses therapeutic laser light to enhance the homeostatic, healing, feedback loops to keep the body in health and balance.

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