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How long does each treatment take?

Shen Qi Flow treats only one person at a time. Each treatment/session will be a minimum of 1-hour exclusive time, after an initial 1.5-hour consultation. However, when dealing with emotional trauma and behaviour patterning a 2-hour session is required. Treatments are dependent on an acute or chronic presentation. Acute symptoms require one or two visits per week till recovery is achieved, then maintenance once a month. Chronic conditions, usually require one or two visits per week, until condition improves, then one visit every two weeks, building up to maintenance state of once a month. Facial renewal requires 10-15 weekly sessions, followed by monthly maintenance.


Does Facial Laser Rejuvenation really work?

Yes. The Low Level Laser light gives cells the energy needed to stay healthy and vital. We not only treat the skin, but the nerves, muscles and bones. There are many acupuncture points on the face. When we treat acupuncture points of a meridian, we strengthen the whole meridian, so the whole facial renewal process is also a whole body, constitutional treatment.


Does diagnosing and treating hidden dental trauma/focus really work?

Yes. Dr. Bahr from Germany, has discovered a frequency that diagnoses if a tooth is the cause of you not healing (therapy resistance). This frequency can be applied directly to the tooth, as well as to the tooth point on the ear, to reduce and eliminate this block. Once removed healing does occur.


Does the laser really work for healing chronic pain?

Yes. Low Level Laser light does work. It is not a "one session will fix it all" treatment. Chronic pain has built up over years, and it will take multiple sessions to undo the damage and programming. We work as a team committed to reducing your level of pain.


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1130 12 Street SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1A7