Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

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Low Level Laser is a therapeutic laser created for tissue regeneration and healing. This photon laser light does not destroy or damage tissue and does not create heat. Marcelle uses a class 3B Laser. The RJ Physio Laser Olympic from Germany is the most advanced laser system for all indications of LLLT and modern acupuncture body/ear energy medicine. The laser energy gets absorbed through the tissue and cells leading to an improvement of cellular metabolism through the activation of the respiratory chain. RJ laser devices offer a large range of proven comprehensive medical bio frequencies that generate resonance in the body. The correct and exact bio frequency must fit the receiver (cell/nerve system) like the key to the lock. The laser device can be used for stimulation of acupuncture points and for all indications that can be treated with acupuncture according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Painless – Unlike the class 4 lasers used for surgery and cosmetic dermatology. You cannot feel the infrared light.

Safe – The goal is to charge the cells with photon energy that is then converted to biochemical energy. Only unhealthy or damaged cells accept this photon light. The protein receptors on healthy cells are optimally engaged. It does not destroy cells.

Non-invasive – Suitable for needle phobic patients and children. Laser acupuncture is the practice of acupuncture by using the stimulation of a laser beam instead of a penetrating needle.

Tested – Programmed German and French Laserpuncture protocols, backed by 30 years of research and development with no adverse effects.

Restorative – Use of monochromatic light emission placed in contact with the skin allowing the photon energy to penetrate tissue where it interacts with cellular function, stimulating the body's reparative healing process, and restoring normal cell function. The end result of Low Light Laser Therapy is the Restoration of Normal Cell Function.

Light Needle 300 for Blood Irradiation

This non-invasive laser blood irradiation treatment is an ideal systemic therapy that treats the whole body, because blood naturally flows to every part of the body. It supplies photon energy directly to the body via the blood. Because the non-invasive method can be considered as riskless, it may be used on almost any patient.

Laser Blood Irradiation

Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI) therapy is a clinical therapy during which the patient's blood is exposed to laser light. The treatment is administered through a vein, under the tongue, or through the skin. Originally, the therapy was developed to treat cardiovascular diseases. This method is complementary to conventional medicine for improved blood rheology. Rheology is the study of the flow of matter, primarily in the liquid state.

Today LBI therapy is used for various conditions; most commonly for pulmonary cardiovascular conditions, all inflammatory conditions, diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, arthritis, and pregnancy support, and immuno-compromised states. The rich vascular bed underneath the tongue is an excellent starting point to distribute red and blue laser light that initiates the immune responses of Redox Signaling molecules throughout the body to stimulate the healing process.

Blue Light Blood irradiation has been examined for various clinical conditions, including compromised immune system, as it destroys viral and bacterial infestation (flu, lymes disease, common colds, bronchial infections, and dental issues).

Slows the Aging process. As we age, damaged cells and tissues are not repaired as efficiently as when we are young. These damaged cells begin to outnumber healthy cells, manifesting in visible aging, and eventually leading to death.

On top of activating the immune system, regular Redox Signaling also stimulates the release of superoxide dismutase, otherwise known as SOD. This enzyme is antioxidative and neutralizes the continuous free radical and oxidative activities in the body. The effects make the repair and replace mechanism more efficient. In fact, Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI) Therapy in conjunction with LLLT has been found to increase the SOD activity, which helps to delay aging.

Benefits of LBI

  • Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI) stimulates the immune response of the organism. If you can't shake that cold, flu, or other virus compromising your health, the laser light will destroy it.
  • As preventive medicine the biostimulative effect of Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI) Therapy when used regularly supports the body's immune response. It is a preventive measure against viral infection.
  • LBI improves the microcirculation resulting in increased peripheral blood flow velocity.
  • LBI increases the oxygen level in blood. The augmentation of oxygen levels improves metabolism helping all systems perform optimally. The body is energized and performing optimally.
  • Anti-aging
  • Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI) Therapy in conjunction with LLLT has been found to increase the SOD activity helping to delay aging.

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