More About Laser Technology

What does the word laser stand for?

The word laser is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.


Is LLLT safe?

Yes. There are no known permanent or serious side effects from appropriately applied LLLT.


What are the benefits if receiving LLLT?

  • It's a pain free treatment.
  • Pain relief from both acute or chronic injuries and disease. Neurogenic pain and Neurological problems.
  • Pre-Surgery support to targeted area, and systemic tonification.
  • Post-Surgery support to facilitate optimal recovery.
  • Wound healing, Tissue repair, Prevention of tissue death.
  • Reduction of inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
  • Vasodilation, improved blood and lymph circulation.
  • Bones and Joints. Joint pain, tendonitis, fracture healing.
  • Skin disorders. Dermatosis, herpes, acne, eczema, erythema.
  • Facial rejuvenation. Reduction of wrinkles, diminishes deep wrinkles, reduces puffiness, improves muscle tone, improves circulation, and reduces the signs of stress reflected on the face.
  • Scar Therapy. Breaks down adhesions diminishing scar tissue. Addresses the physical and emotional trauma embedded in a scar.
  • Improved energy levels. For peak performance in the office or athletically.
  • Brain Reprogramming of pain and trauma patterns.
  • Especially effective for difficult to treat symptoms.
  • By combining Acupuncture and Laser, ancient and modern, Shen Qi Flow provides the most comprehensive treatment protocols. The results are faster, long lasting, and help release the emotional constriction of an injury or a disease.


What are the benefits of receiving Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI)?

  • Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI) stimulates the immune response of the organism. If you can't shake that cold, flu, or other virus compromising your health, the laser light will destroy it.
  • As preventive medicine the biostimulative effect of Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI) Therapy when used regularly supports the body's immune response. It is a preventive measure against viral infection.
  • LBI improves the microcirculation resulting in increased peripheral blood flow velocity.
  • LBI increases the oxygen level in blood. The augmentation of oxygen levels improves metabolism helping all systems perform optimally. The body is energized and performing optimally.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Laser Blood Irradiation (LBI) Therapy in conjunction with LLLT has been found to increase the SOD activity helping to delay aging.


What is a Laser?

A laser is a machine that produces a collimated, monochromatic, high coherence high intensity light. There are three basic components of a laser.

  • Lasing material (crystal, gas semiconductor, dye, etc.)
  • Pump source (adds energy to the lasing material, e.g. flash lamp, electrical current) that causes electron collisions.
  • Optical cavity consisting of reflectors to act as the feedback mechanism for light amplification.

Collimated means that the beams diameter does not increase as it moves from source to target tissue (minimal collateral damage). In comparison the light from a light bulb is divergent, meaning it diffuses light as a halo effect.

Monochromatic means that the beam is a single colour wavelength, not an average of multiple wavelength frequencies, e.g.: 810nm, 904nm.

High Coherence means that the peaks and the troughs of the same type of light wave line up precisely. The peaks line up with the peaks and the troughs line up with the troughs. This is also called a fixed phase relationship.

High Intensity means that the beam has high optical power per unit of area. It is the laser lights high directionality. The mirrors placed at opposite ends of a laser cavity enables the beam to travel back and forth in order to gain intensity by the stimulated emission of more photons at the same wavelength, which results in increased amplification.


What are the different types of lasers being used medically today?

There are two types of lasers involved in the health care industry, Class 4 and Class 3B.

Class 4 lasers are surgical lasers used for surgery and cutaneous lasers used in cosmetic dermatology. These are thermic (heat) lasers that burn or vapourize tissue to achieve results.

Class 3B lasers are Therapeutic lasers and is the laser Shen Qi Flow uses. Therapeutic lasers are athermic (minimal heat transfer less than 0.65 degree Celsius). They do not damage tissue.d They are used to stimulate homeostatic (healing) processes at a cellular level. Therapeutic lasers are used for tissue regeneration and healing.


What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a medical treatment that uses a laser light to improve cellular function. A number of terms are used to refer to low level laser therapy (LLLT), cold laser therapy, low power laser therapy (LPLT), biostimulation, soft laser, laser acupuncture and photobiomodulation. The term adopted by NASA and U.S. military scientists is Photobiomodulation. The Low level Laser Therapy Marcelle offers is the application of infrared laser light to acupuncture points, wounded areas of the body, auricular therapy, and facial rejuvenation, and blood irradiation.


How is LLLT therapeutic?

We have mentioned photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation is the stimulation of a cell's mitochondrial function. The mitochondria produce a cell's energy, known as ATP, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. ATP is the chemical responsible for a cells energy that makes the cell do what it was meant to do. When a cell is damaged its mitochondria shuts down and the production of ATP is drastically reduced, or even ceased. As a result, the rate of healing slows dramatically or the cell dies. Cells exposed to light in the infrared range (Low Level Laser Therapy) at the right frequency targets the protein receptors in the cells mitochondria introducing photon light into the mitochondria. This photon energy is then converted to chemical energy and produces increased amounts of ATP. We cannot damage a healthy cell, because the protein receptors in a healthy cell are receiving the oxygen they need to function. If a cell is not damaged, those protein receptor sites are not available for photon light, if they are damaged, these protein receptors are bound with Nitrous Oxide (NO) that the photon light displaces. LLLT increases the production of ATP in damaged tissues and supports systemic (whole body) recovery.

NOTE: This theory has not been proven 100% concrete.


How can you be sure there will be no damage?

To achieve a biologic effect on a target tissue, the photon energy must be absorbed. Chromophores are the receptors of photon light energy in the body. The principal chromophores present in mammalian tissue are hemoglobin, water, melanin, and protein. Each chromophore has specific absorption characteristics calculated as wave frequencies. The study of absorption rates of mammalian chromophores are internationally graphed and accepted. The least damage to hemoglobin, melanin and water is at the 635nm-904nm the infrared window. This frequency range also offers the greatest depth of penetration.d The photo acceptor that LLLT targets is Cytochrome c oxidase. It is the protein receptor found on the mitochondria of cells.


What type of Laser does Shen Qi Flow use?

Marcelle uses the Physio Laser Olympic. It was developed by RJ-Laser, Reimers and Janssen GmbH of Germany. It is the most advanced laser system for all indications of LLLT and modern acupuncture body/ear energy medicine. This device offers a large range of comprehensive medical proven bio frequencies that transfer healing information and generate resonance (homeostasis) in the body. Dr. Beatte Strittmater (of Germany) tests lasers. She uses the Physio Laser Olympic in her clinic and offers training with this particular laser, which provided Marcelle the knowledge she needed to incorporate laser therapy into her practice.

Providing the desired frequency at the desired amplitude can support optimal health. The laser beam is a carrier of information. The signal (exact bio frequency of the laser) must fit the receiver (cell/nerve system) like a key to the lock. The physio laser is FDA 510K Approved. It is classified as 3B. The physio laser is pre-programmed with scientifically and bio medically correct frequencies that can be applied to relevant parts of the body or ear.

The Physio Laser Olympic meets or exceeds the requirements of the following international standards:

  • EN 60601-1: 2006 Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment
  • EN 60601-2-22: 1996 Safety of Diagnostic / Therapeutic Lasers
  • EN 60825-1: 2003 Safety of Laser Devices

Laser Therapy has been widely utilized in Europe by physical therapists, nurses and doctors as far back as the 1970's. Now, after FDA clearance in 2002, Laser Therapy is being used extensively in the United States and Canada.


How long have lasers been around?

Albert Einstein first theorized the laser in 1916, by proposing that a photon of electromagnetic energy could stimulate the emission of another identical photon from atoms or molecules that are in an excited state.

Alexander Gurwitsch of University Simferopol, Krim Russia, in 1923 won the Nobel Peace prize by proving that all living cells generate an extremely weak form of electromagnetic radiation that cells use to communicate with each other.

Theodore Maiman invented the laser in 1960. He used a ruby crystal to produce red light with a 694nm wavelength.

Endre Mester of Semmelweis University, while applying laser light to the backs of shaven mice, noticed that the shaved hair grew back more quickly on the treated group than the untreated group. This was a revolutionary series of experiments that first documented the healing effect of lasers.

Fritz Popp, a German biophysicist in the 1970's, while researching a cure for cancer, correlated and proved that cells talk to each other and transfer information via photon exchange. From his experiments we now know that our cells communicate with photons of light that are known as biophotons. ALL living cells emit and intercommunicate with biophotons.

Lasers have been FDA approved since 2002, but laser therapy is not a new concept at all. Internationally LLLT have been used for nearly 30 years. Marcelle uses a Physio Laser Olympic laser from Germany providing 30 years of development to maintain its leading edge technology.


What frequency of light does the class 3BRJ laser probes emit?

The wavelengths of RJ laser devices range from 625nm – 904nm.

Treatment with laser light is dependent on how deep you want to penetrate or what photoacceptors you want to target.

Laser light in the range of 600nm – 700nm produce visible red light that penetrates up to half an inch.

Laser light in the range of 701nm – 1000nm produces invisible infrared light with a penetration depth up to three inches. The very low absorption levels of near infrared 904nm offers the deepest penetration and least damage to other chromophores that receive biophoton energy, melanin, water and hemoglobin.

There are four photoacceptors (chromophores) in the body, water, hemoglobin, melanin, and protein. These four chromophores vibrate at specific frequencies. Depending on the wavelength (frequency) different chromophores (photon receptors) will absorb wavelengths that are specific to them. LLLT targets the protein photoacceptor Cytochrome c oxidase. It is a subunit in the mitochondrial electron-transport chain and has absorption bands up to 1000nm.

In higher ranges 1000nm absorption by water is greater.

Below 500nm absorption by hemoglobin and melanin is greater.


What makes laser light different from ordinary light?

Ordinary light is diffused (imagine the halo effect of a light bulb), is made with more than one colour wavelength, and the peaks and troughs of the light wave do not line up. Laser light is collimated, monochromatic, high coherence, and high intensity (single beam of light).

Collimated means that the beams diameter does not increase as it moves from source to target tissue (minimal collateral damage). In comparison the light from a light bulb is divergent, meaning it diffuses light as a halo effect.

Monochromatic means that the beam is a single colour wavelength, e.g.: 810nm, 904nm.

High Coherence means that the peaks and the troughs of the same type of light wave line up precisely. The peaks line up with the peaks and the troughs line up with the troughs. This is also called a fixed phase relationship.

High Intensity means that the beam has high optical power per unit of area.


What is laser power and how is it applied to the body?

Power is how much energy the laser can supply. Energy is what is given to the body.

Here are some physics terms applicable to laser therapy: The Power of a laser machine is expressed in Watts (W) or milliwatts (mW) which is 1/1000 of a Watt e.g.: Marcelle's physio laser probe can deliver up to 500mW. It goes down to 0mW, she uses 5mW to diagnose, and 70mW to treat the ear, the higher frequencies are used on the body.

Power is the Rate at which energy is transferred. Watt is the international unit of power. Power (watts) is Energy (joules) in accordance to time. One joule of energy expended for one second equals one watt of power. 1J/sec=1W. P=ExT

The number of milliwatts per second is called a Joule. Joule is the term used to define the amount of energy delivered.

Energy is the ability to do work. Joule is the international unit of energy. There are different forms of energy; potential, kinetic, electromagnetic, chemical etc.

Light is measured by length of wave, rather than by how many waves are occurring in a given amount of time, which is how sound frequency is measured.

Angstroms are units of length equal to one hundred millionth of a centimeter (10-10m) used to specify wavelengths. It has now been replaced by the nanometer (nm). NOTE how it's converted 1Å=0.1nm therefore, 1nm=10Å.

Frequency is a measure of how many waves occur in a given moment of time. Light (colour) is measured by its wavelength whereas sound is measured by its frequency (rate, how many waves occur in a given moment in time). Hertz is the international unit of frequency. One hertz equals one wave per second.

Electromagnetic radiation (light) is emitted whenever a charged particle such as an electron gives up its energy. The smallest particle of light energy described by quantum physics is a photon. The energy (joule) of a photon is determined by its frequency. So the energy supplied by the laser is by frequency.

The wavelength of the light determines its depth of penetration and what chromophore it will impact. Frequencies can be applied to acupuncture points and meridians to improve health. By means of special bio frequencies that are preprogrammed into RJ laser devices, all levels of acupuncture can be performed successfully.

The main applications of LLLT are cell healing, tissue repair, tissue death prevention, inflammation, pain relief, edema, acute injuries, chronic diseases, neurogenic pain, neurological problems, and disease.


What does frequency have to do with healing?

Every object has a natural vibratory rate. This is called its signature frequency. Resonance is introducing the same wavelength (frequency) from one object, to another example: tuning forks, LLLT, or colour. Medically, we use resonance to reestablish signature frequencies. Since our body organs and systems have signature frequencies we can obtain and maintain optimal health by introducing resonant frequencies.

The body is in a state of vibration. Every organ, every bone, every tissue, every system including thoughts and emotions are in a state of vibration. These vibrational frequencies have been identified and can be used to heal and maintain health. When we are in a state of health, the body puts out an overall harmonic of health. However, when a frequency that is counter to our health sets itself up in some portion of the body as in viruses, bacteria etc., it creates a disharmony that we call disease.

There are two ways frequency healing work. It can disrupt an unwanted frequency such as those of a virus, bacteria or disease state, or by amplifying healthy frequencies. Disrupting unwanted frequency occurs similarly to the way an opera singer breaks a glass. The glass resonates to a particular tonal frequency, amplifying that tone beyond the level of energy the glass can absorb causes it to shatter. The same can be done with bacteria and viruses; by bombarding them with amplitude of resonant frequency beyond their ability to absorb shatters the unwanted viral or bacterial cells.

Amplifying healthy frequencies supports optimal health by providing resonant frequencies in the exact signature frequencies of healthy organs. For example, the late Dr. Paul Nogier found that specific body tissues are in resonance with specific frequencies according to their embryologic origin. By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonance frequencies of its embryologic origin, healing occurs. If a perfect resonance is reached, there will be a high therapeutic effect. These frequencies and many more are pre-programmed into the Physio Laser Olympic.

The use of frequency for healing is the current cutting edge of alternative health. Shen Qi Flow combines a number of frequency protocols using LLLT, sound and colour to provide a comprehensive platform for healing.


What is resonance and how is it used in treating health issues?

Resonance is when one substance has the same natural vibrational frequency equal to the frequency of another substance. For example, imagine a set of tuning forks corresponding to the musical scale, C, D, E, F, G, A, B. You have a second tuning fork for note C. Now strike your C tuning fork to create a vibration, the only fork that will resonate with your fork is the other C fork. Only the same frequency will create resonance. To put this into context health wise, if tissues are damaged due to inflammation, it does not matter where an anti-inflammation frequency is introduced, the rest of your body will be affected and benefit by the introduction of the anti-inflammation frequency.

Shen Qi Flow diagnoses using resonance — for example, a therapy resistant patient comes in with a chronic complaint that has not been "fixed" by any method. If a root canal, tooth issue, or a body scar is causing resistance to treatment, she can identify where and what is causing the resistance and the severity of the resistance.

Shen Qi Flow treats using resonance. By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal signature frequencies associated with that tissue, healing occurs.


Who are the pioneering founders of frequency healing?

Late Dr. Paul Nogier, Father of Auricular Therapy, discovered that the human body is sensitive (resonates) to seven frequencies. He also discovered and established that all organs and tissues resonate with the specific frequency of their embryologic origin. By exposing damaged tissue to its normal resonant frequency healing occurs.

Dr. Frank Bahr, Germany, (still living) detected more than 14 major bio-frequencies and Chakra frequencies. He was a student of Dr. Paul Nogier and is today the President of the largest German acupuncture society (DAAA). The BAHR-Frequencies correspond to ear points and body acupuncture, three skin tissues layers. He has established the acupuncture meridian system on the ear. He has also developed 7 distinct frequencies that find hidden physical or subconscious issues. These frequencies have a direct impact on the brain/body neuromusculoskletal memory pathways.

Dr. Manfred Reininger, Austria, Vice President of the largest Austrian acupuncture society (OGKA) was the first who detected the frequencies of the acupuncture meridians. He is also a founder for a large number of different frequencies related to the human body, especially in the area of internal medicine and disease (allergy, tinnitus Alzheimer's, Parkinson's etc.). He has also established anti-frequencies. For example, if you present with a viral infection, there is an anti-viral frequency that can be used for treatment.


How does laser supply resonance?

Electromagnetic radiation (light) is emitted whenever a charged particle such as an electron gives up its energy. The smallest particle of light energy described by quantum physics is a photon. The energy (joule) of a photon is determined by its frequency. The light energy the laser supplies is controlled by frequency. Over thirty years of European research has been conducted to identify signature frequencies. The laser provides resonant bio-frequencies of healthy body systems. Frequencies can be applied to acupuncture points, meridians, or directly to the body, to improve health. These bio-frequencies are preprogrammed into RJ Laser devices (Marcelle has been trained on this laser) making it easy for Marcelle to provide high therapeutic effect for the diagnosed problem.


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