Mind and Spirit

What is Mind and Spirit Healing?

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Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM") believes we are more than just a physical body; we are body, mind, emotions and spirit. Mind and spirit healing is often referred to as psycho-spiritual healing. The balance maintained in each of these states dictates our overall health. Qi is the communication link between them.

Psycho-Spiritual Acupuncture

  • Psycho-Spiritual Acupuncture addresses the abstract, subtle, non-physical part of our make-up, the mind, the emotions, and the spirit.
  • It helps an individual become aware of where they are holding blockages on this subtle level. Acupuncture and visualization are all about releasing the blocks of chronic emotions and behavior patterns that are dysfunctional or no longer empowering.
  • Via Source Points (Source), "Spirit Points" (Shen), Cardinal Points (Essence), and each acupuncture point on the body, that powers the conscious part of our mind, we can establish a harmonious and tangible connection with our intangible senses, our subconscious database (where everything is stored), and our spirit-consciousness (the Source — Light that is Eternal).
  • As a population we are becoming more knowledgeable about emotions and learned behaviour patterns. Marcelle can help you address where you are stuck, recognize patterns and help you release dis-empowering patterns or support you when you cannot move forward.

Emotions of the Five Elements

Fear, Anger, Overexcitement, Worry, and Grief are the emotions of the Five Elements. These emotions in excess cause distress that agitates or inhibits the flow of our Shen, our Jing, and our Qi, the Three Vital Treasures that are our life Source. These emotions in excess can also cause Stress. These emotions are then translated in the body as chemical messengers and cause aggravation. Addressing specific acupuncture points and the Extraordinary Meridians, helps you move through the wave of a negative emotion (build, crest, subside). Negative emotions will leave no long-lasting effects, if you are being supported by acupuncture while working through a negative state.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Shen Qi Flow offers an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan that combines the best of vibrational energetic protocols.

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