Ears Are Maps of Our Body

acupuncture in ear

Our ears are maps of our body; when treating the ear we treat the body. Scar tissue and hidden dental focus are a major cause of low-grade stress, which compromise complete recovery. We develop chronic pain, a painful joint, or unrelenting muscle knots due to these hidden focuses. Ear acupuncture can erase these hidden focuses.

Sometimes old scars are still reactive preventing complete and proper healing. A highly specialized pulse diagnosis called the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS) and scanning the ear identifies where blockages are occurring and if they are compromising full recovery. The VAS is a reflex. It is a diagnostic acupuncture technique developed by late neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier. It is an instantaneous change in the tone of the wall of the arteries. It feels like a surge, a stronger fuller pulsation. The VAS is triggered when a stimulus is introduced without touching the patient and the patient has an energetic imbalance. Usually the radial artery pulse is palpated.

Some scars are impossible to treat on the body, but can be treated on the ear. Ear acupuncture effectively identifies and treats the root blockage and by treating the correct point on the ear the brain receives a message and sends the appropriate treatment to the affected area in the body. German Auriculomedicine practiced with gold and silver needles and the bio frequencies of a LLLT laser to identify blocks, especially hidden dental focus that interfere with successful healing. Ear acupuncture is especially effective for difficult to treat symptoms that other modalities have been ineffective, because it helps the brain reprogram pain and trauma patterns.

Eliminate Chronic Inflammation

diagram linking chronic inflammation and stress
  • To help a patient we need to address the "bucket overload" theory.
  • They start off in life with their personal genetic load (eg. hayfever).
  • Then scars accumulate on the body and dental work can cause issues, sometimes leading to chronic inflammation.
  • Lifestyle choices can add more to the bucket.
  • Add any extra burden like Stress, or an emotional or physical disturbance and THE BUCKET OVERFLOWS and they come to me or go to the doctor.
  • Marcelle diagnoses scar and dental activity and the severity of the focus. She can eliminate their toxic effects and therefore reduce chronic inflammation. Ear acupuncture reduces the energetic impact of the focus.
  • The burden of the bucket is lessened as the impact of scars, dental work and chronic inflammation are reduced. Health, quality of life, and the ability to handle stress improve.

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