Life's Energy

Understanding life's energy.

Energy is often hard to define, but its effects and power are apparent — in short it describes the essence of being alive.

What is Energy?

There are many different interpretations of energy. Energy, also called Qi, Prana, The Breath of Life, and Photons. Western science established that the sun was the physical source of our energy and smallest particle of light energy is a photon, which is considered to be the energy that sustains life. Therefore, we can manipulate energy by manipulating photons.

From Ancient Chinese Medicine perspective, Energy (Qi) is one of three vital treasures. Qi is the densest form of our Essence (your Divine Spark - Jing) and Shen (your Spirit). All three vital treasures are created from Source, the Tao. From Source, your Shen enlivens your Jing-Essence and flows in your body as Qi. It is our body's energy and the energy of all things — living or inert.

Ancient Sages compared Qi to Earth, Wood, Air, Fire, Water, and Metal — the densest and most material/physical aspect of Qi. The flow of your body's energy, your emotions and behaviour, your value's and judgments are how you manipulate Source. Everyone's flow is unique, but all are created from the same Source — like a wave in the ocean, or a drop of water from the sea. On a spiritual platform Energy is God, Divinity — Source. Something that is greater than us.

Shen Qi Flow uses a variety of diverse vibrational protocols to engage your energy for optimal health and wellness. Acupuncture, Low Level Laser infrared light (LLLT), sound, colour, and aromatherapy, help rebalance and replenish the body's energy.

Although most of us have an incredible aptitude for balancing the diverse aspects of life, sometimes one added stressor overloads us providing an opening for injury and disease. This can happen by simply living; cars need regular maintenance and your body does too.

Shen Qi Flow can help you reestablish balance by diagnosing if organ frequencies need to be boosted and which ones. Also, if you are recovering from viral or bacterial infections from a cold or flu, we can help your body restore its immune function with Laser Blood Irradiation and tuning the adrenal system. This blue light from this treatment kills the virus and the red light builds healthier red blood cells.

How do you manipulate energy to maintain health?

The smallest particle of light, photon light, is involved in the most intricate communication between cells. Your cells communicate inter-collectively, internally at the speed of light to stay healthy. This photon light communication initiates the chemical procedures (hormones and neuropeptides) to help your body maintain homeostasis. If cells are damaged (the inflammation circuit) the photon communication link is damaged and pain and disease ensue. Our cells are self-regulating, always trying to reestablish a pre-pain, pre-disease state. It's important to listen to your body when it starts aching and complaining. Shen Qi Flow can help your body re-establish vital cell communication links.

Your cells also communicate externally — impacting your environment and your relationships. Shen Qi Flow will help you hone your influence to be more positive in nature.

How does energy relate to matter?

Einstein's famous equation E=mc2. This equation defines how energy is converted to matter. E=mc2 where E is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light. Thus, this mass-energy relation states that the universal proportionality factor between equivalent amounts of energy and mass is equal to the speed of light squared. This also serves to convert units of mass to units of energy, no matter what system of measurement is used. Shen Qi Flow believes this is how the body uses photon energy — light energy to intercellulary communicate at the speed of light to live.

If you want more information see Alexander Gurwitsch's famous onion experiment (1920), that established as a conclusive hypothesis that every living cell emits light at a very weak level.

Are there different types of energy?

Yes, a few examples of energy types are: potential energy, kinetic energy and electric energy — but from a medical perspective we use vibrational frequencies to define different types of energy. All matter vibrates at its own particular rate, which distinguishes it from other matter. Each is unique and called a signature frequency. There are identifiable signature frequencies of healthy organs, bones, nerves, muscles, thoughts and emotions, viruses, bacteria, and disease. (Dr. Nogier, Dr. Bahr, Dr. Renninger).

Using frequency to heal consists of disrupting unwanted frequency — such as those of a virus, bacteria or disease state — or amplifying healthy frequencies. Disrupting unwanted frequency occurs similarly to the way an opera singer breaks a glass. The glass resonates to a particular tonal frequency, amplifying that tone beyond the level of energy the glass can absorb causes it to shatter. The same can be done with bacteria and viruses, by bombarding them with amplitude of resonant frequency beyond their ability to absorb shatters the unwanted viral or bacterial cells. Optimal health is supported through resonating signature frequencies to maintain healthy organs. The use of these frequencies for healing is the current cutting edge of alternative health. (Dr. Nogier, Dr. Bahr, Dr. Renninger).

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